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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Quick Start

Like so much about modern life, if there is not a quick buck in it for somebody, ways to do stuff better will not be passed along, if not actively suppressed.

A great case in point is the family barbecue. Go to the store and there are all sorts of petrol fire starters, that you take home because that is what is there next to the charcoal. You put it on and wait for it to burn itself away because it really tastes awful if you put the food on too soon. Even so there is still some taste that lingers to the point that we associate it with "barbecue" taste.

At the same time the morning bacon is dutifully drained on a paper towel, and towel and grease tossed out, often filling a can with grease first. However I take the paper towel and further soak it in grease, as it cools to room temp, and then put the now saturated towel in a used plastic bag in the freezer till needed.

What you now have is fuel and a wick that will burn long and hot enough to start nearly any fire, for barbecue or fireplace. I have gotten nice fireplace fires with no other kindling less than a few inches in diameter, and of course with the charcoal stacked over it with plenty of air space to allow burning, it will start that barbecue nicely as well. The bonus of course is that it smells like bacon and not like a gas station.

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